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About Us

Zeraim Gedera is part of the global Syngenta Group, one of the world’s leading Agrotechnology companies, offering comprehensive solutions for farmers. Zeraim Gedera provides its customers with vegetable seed varieties known for their high quality and resistance to diseases, innovative and safe crop protection products, and a cutting-edge agrotechnical unit called GroNTec, which offers professional expertise targeted towards helping farmers obtain the best results from the use of the company’s genetics and crop protection products.

Zeraim Gedera was founded in 1952 as part of the efforts to develop agricultural farming in Israel through the production of local high quality seeds. Over the years, the Company gained a reputation as an industry leader fostering innovation and quality in the production and marketing of hybrid vegetable varieties, which not only satisfy existing marketing needs, but also create new standards. The main seed varieties marketed by the Company are for peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, watermelons and melons.

Beyond providing high quality seeds, the Company has set a goal to become a leader in customer service and provide support, professional guidance and mentoring to growers. To this end, the company has established a unique agrotechnical unit – GroNTec - which performs field experiments in the Company’s major target markets in collaboration with local growers, in order to generate and disseminate agrotechnical solutions to enable growers to maximize their yields. GroNTec engages in this mission through hands-on crop management, collecting and monitoring field data, while controlling environmental stresses to ensure healthy plants with improved yields throught the growing season. One of the most significant projects of the unit is a collaboration with peppers growers in the Arava desert region in Israel which has led to a 10-20% increase in the yield of the Company’s leading pepper variety among growers participating in the project. The continued growth and success of Zeraim Gedera and its ability to bring innovative products to the market led to its acquisition by Syngenta in 2007. Becoming an integral part of a world leader in the agricultural sector has allowed Zeraim Gedera to leverage its broad knowledge base and build on the significant and renowned research and development capabilities of Syngenta to improve and strengthen its product portfolio and develop new and innovative solutions for growers. In addition to its integration into Syngenta’s advanced breeding programs, Zeraim Gedera is a partner in exclusive research and development programs of leading agricultural institutions such as the Volcani Institute of Agricultural Research and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Faculty of Agriculture.

Zeraim Gedera is also responsible for the sales of Syngenta’s products in the Israeli market as part of the solutions offered to local growers. Syngenta, as a world leader in crop protection products offers a wide variety of solutions for disease, pests and weed control. Syngenta’s products, the fruit of original research and innovative development, are considered state of the art and the most advanced of their kind worldwide. These products are meticulously tested to verify their safety for both people and the environment.

Zeraim Gedera knows that each of the links in the fresh produce supply chain is critical, and has made it its goal bring added value not just to the growers, but also to young plant raisers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. This is done by providing products which result in exceptionally high yield crops, products with superb quality, flavor and long shelf life, continuity in supply, and above all, professional service. These self-imposed standards have resulted in high demand from these products. The company puts an emphasis on the close relationships with its customers and business partners, while providing them with solutions to their ever-changing needs.

At present, Zeraim Gedera employs approximately 200 employees in its site in Revadim, Israel, engaged in research and development, production, supply, marketing and sales, and about 50 employees in strategic international markets such as Spain, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and Morocco.