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Zeraim Gadera at AgroMashov

Conferences & Exhibition

The Fresh AgroMashov exhibition was held in Tel Aviv last June and deals with marketing fresh produce, bringing fresh produce growers together with local and overseas buyers, wholesalers and distributors.

Among the exhibitors at the exhibition were local seed companies, distributors, retail chains, produce companies, etc., which are part of the value chain of the fresh agricultural produce market.

The thousands of exhibition visitors were given the chance to enjoy innovative fruit and vegetable varieties, learn about new trends and opportunities in the fresh produce market, get an idea of agriculture-related technological developments and meet with staff members from the leading companies on the market.

Zeraim Gadera - Syngenta participates permanently in this annual exhibition and regarding it an appropriate platform for promoting its products and their added value for everyone in the value chain.

Zeraim Gadera - Syngenta's stand was designed with a welcoming and mingling ambience, allowing its visitors to meet the marketing staff who were present at the exhibition and to receive information regarding the company's extensive activities in the vegetable market, hear about new varieties under development and see the rich display of produce presented at the stand, which included new varieties such as Akira, Nebula, Deme and Shalhevet tomatoes along with a new Nematoda-resistant spring pepper variety called Yazir.

Visitors to the stand were also impressed by quality vine tomato varieties, standard large tomatoes, squash varieties, corn, cauliflower and watermelon, which were included in the display, and even got to taste some of the products.

They also enjoyed a 360 degree virtual reality experience. In this experience, we chose to focus on two specific crops that currently lead the market, namely Ikram tomatoes under the motto "Red and firm all year round" and Fascination watermelons under the motto "No refrigerator is perfect without it". Whoever tried the experience entered a world entirely of tomatoes and watermelons through a short 360 degree video clip produced for each of the varieties integrated with unique music especially produced. The reactions were enthusiastic and this experience was the attraction of the exhibition, luring many visitors, increasing our prominence at the exhibition and demonstrating our outstanding creativity, uniqueness and innovation compared to the other exhibitors.

The attached video clip offers a taste of the Ikram tomato experience and our activity in the stand during the exhibition.


VR Production and film: Guy Vaknin  |  Dancer: Chen Bashan  |  choreography: Studio V  |  Original Music: Tzafrir ifrah


In conclusion, the exhibition was an important meeting point for the company with its customers and other interested parties, and certainly contributed to positioning Zeraim Gadera - Syngenta as a leader in its field, providing quality products together with professional service and support. 


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