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Watermelon Growers Tour to Syngenta's Field day at Murcia, Spain

Open Field day

Last July, Syngenta Global opened its gates with field days, or as they are usually called, open days in the Torre Pacheco region of Murcia, Spain. During those days, a wide range of commercial and new watermelon and melon varieties, which have enormous marketing potential and are suitable for all the requirements of the value chain, were presented. The event took place at the Company's experimental farm and visitors from Spain and abroad arrived, including growers, retail chains, exporters, field technicians, product staff, and more.

Zeraim Gadera's marketing staff were also invited and arrived together with three of their customers, Nidal Kedah from Kafr Kana, Meir Fox from Gadash Yaenn and Nabil Abu Sabiya from Daburiyya. The three, who are among the leading watermelon and melon growers in Israel, have extensive experience and knowledge in this area and grew Zeraim Gadera - Syngenta's Fascination variety last year. The purpose of the trip was to see the wide range of products that Syngenta has to offer, hear about the agro-techniques of the crop and, of course, to taste the actual products.

The Israeli guests were closely accompanied by the local product manager and given a comprehensive explanation regarding all the varieties in the exhibition field. The stars of the event included different types of seedless watermelons like the Sweet Dawn, an early season fruit characterized by strong growing power, high yield and a very sweet flavor. In the midi watermelon segment, the Red Jasper was introduced, a senior variety with a long shelf life that ripens very nicely. This variety responds well in hothouses and is strengthening in Almeria. Another midi variety that starred was the Kasmira, a striated watermelon that is suitable for mid-season planting and characterized by a strong plant with extraordinary ripening ability, an outstanding yield and sweet fruit. Both together are a winning combination for the retail chains, which can achieve quality and a continuous supply of watermelons from March through September.

Another outstanding product, which is intended for the fresh cut market, is the Crisp Desire, a very sweet oval watermelon with a bright red color and a high yield.

The Prestige variety stole the show in the mini variety segment with a weight of 4-5 kg, a long shelf life and, naturally, exceptional taste.

To complete the watermelon product range, guests were introduced to this season's pollinator known as SP-7. This product showed improved pollination ability compared to SP-6 and is a fruitless pollinator.

Also in the melon segment, the entire catalog of varieties was presented, such as the Piel De Sapo. It was interesting to see the color of the peel of these melons, which resembles the color of a coconut shell. The varieties are characterized by a wide array of durability levels, high yield, long shelf life and very sweet flavor, and are definitely suitable for both the local market and for export in spring.


After the comprehensive tour and introduction, the farmers continued to a traditional watermelon field to meet the grower of that field. The central discussion obviously dealt mainly with the agro-techniques of the crop, irrigation methods, planting seasons, variety matching, treatment of pests and diseases, etc. 

As a leading company, Zeraim Gadera - Syngenta invests many resources in R&D and innovation with the aim of continuously developing new varieties with added value for the value chain and creating agro-technic knowledge in collaboration with its customers to guarantee a quality supply of watermelons and melons throughout the consumption season.