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Space Star

  • High yield
  • Weight: 1,500gm – 2,000gm
  • Diameter: 20cm – 30cm
  • Planting times: September – March
  • Closed, attractive and firm head
  • Good fruit uniformity enabling high yield salvage
  • Plant foliage covers the inflorescence very well and preserves the white color
  • Old established variety well known in the marketplace and in very high demand


  • Resistance: Foc: 1
  • Early Setting
  • Planting times: September – April
  • Uniform Setting
  • Firm fruit with an average weight of 2kg
  • Maturation within 80 – 120 days from planting
  • Medium to large sized plant with a good frame
  • Strong plant with high field presence
  • Thick, waxy coating
  • Slightly sweet, characteristic taste
  • For both the fresh and industrial markets


  • High yield
  • Weight: 800gm– 1,200gm
  • Diameter: 15cm – 20cm
  • Planting times: September – January
  • Strong plant with few side branches
  • Strong root system providing resilience in difficult conditions
  • Field resistance to downy mildew
  • Closed, dense head with a vivid green color
  • Suitable for both the fresh market and the freezing industry