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  • Resistance: Px (IR); CMV (IR); WMV (IR); ZYMV (IR); SqLCV (IR)
  • Highly resistant to Squash Leaf Curl Virus (SLCV)
  • Planting times: Highly suited to summer planting (May – August)
  • Very good Setting
  • Strong vegetative growth
  • Good leaf cover
  • Open plant enabling easy, rapid harvesting
  • High yield
  • Long shelf life
  • Average fruit weight: 170gm
  • Very attractive fruit color in the marketplace




  • Resistance: Gc; Px; WMV; ZYMV
  • High yield
  • Strong, uniform fruit
  • Length: 8cm – 10cm
  • Diameter: 5cm – 6cm
  • Medium Setting
  • Planting times: March – September